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Microbead Weft

Microbead Weft

Our microbead weft hair extensions are our most popular type of hair extension method. This being a weft means it is a strip of hair lined up on a row, making it the most natural and thickest looking to blend with your natural hair.

Part of your natural hair and the hair extension is threaded through a bead and clamped together, needing no glue or adhesives to stick together. Each microbead has a silicon inner lining to prevent damage to the natural hair.

Our microbead wefts are our quickest hair extension method to apply, and also one of the only types of permanent hair extension that can be turned into clips in the future.

Wash, blowdry and style your hair extensions as if it were your own! Hair extensions can be used to add length, thickness, natural highlights and volume. Depending on the natural hair growth, 6-8 weeks on average is recommended for relifting. All our hair extensions are 100% human hair; premium European quality. We have a range of different colours and lengths available.