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FAQ & Care Instructions

What are Hair Extensions?

Hair extensions are 100% human hair which can be attached to your natural hair through a variety of different methods. Hair extensions are mainly used to add length and volume to your natural hair. Its also a great way to add natural highlights through the ends of your hair without having to lighten your real hair.

Will the hair extensions damage my real hair?

Hair extensions should not damage your real hair if they are properly cared for and maintained by getting them retightened as recommended. It is important to brush your hair extensions daily to avoid any tangles, and it is very important to brush your hair with a soft bristle brush. It is important not to use a comb especially when brushing from the scalp down. The tangle teezer brush is highly recommended for the scalp and the hair extensions.

How often do I have to retighten my hair extensions?

Depending on each client’s natural hair, we usually recommend between 6-8 weeks.

Can I tie up my hair when I have hair extensions in?

Yes, depening on where the hair extensions are placed. This will vary for each client.

How long do the hair extensions last?

The darker colours usually last between 6-12 months.

The lighter colours usually last between 5-8 months.

The durability of the hair extensions mainly depend on how well you look after them. Using professional salon products are highly recommended to keep the quality soft. We highly recommend using Muk – ultra soft range which can be purchased in store. Avoid heat styling your hair extensions daily as this will damage the hair.

What brush do I use?

The tangle teezer brush are our most highly recommended brushes which are best to use on the scalp when wearing hair extensions. It is important not to use a comb on your scalp when brushing your hair extensions. This may pull them and create permanent damage.

Which hair extensions will be best for me?

We provide a variety of different methods of application to suit each client depending on their type of hair, their lifestyle and depending on the different ways that may wear their hair. To see which type would be best you, your welcome to come in a for a free consultation so we can analyse your hair.

What hair is used?

100% European human remy hair is used on most our hair extensions methods. We choose only the best raw virgin ponytails before it is treated and coloured.

Can I swim with my hair extensions?

Yes, you can swim at the pools or the beach. We recommend the hair is tied in a plait or a ponytail when swimming. It is best not to swim with your hair extensions in a bun as this may result in tangles when removing the bun. It is recommended to shampoo and condition your hair with a deep treatment immediately after swimming. Please keep in mind if you swim regularly, your extensions may not last as long as somebody who swims infrequently.

One of our highly recommended products to leave in your hair before swimming is the Vita five CPR phase 1 smoothing crème – great protection from heat, humidity, solar, salt water and chlorine.

How much hair would I need?

Each client is different. Depending on your natural hair length and thickness will depend on how much hair extensions you will need to make them look as natural as possible. If your hair is short and thick, you may need over a standard full head; in comparison if you hair is long and thin, you may only need half a head to a full head.